Purewave Technologies

PureWave is a leader in Bioenergetics;

the science of how energy is transferred in cells, tissues,

and organs. These processes have a fundamental influence on our health.


At PureWave we do research, product development, manufacturing & distribution of wellness devices for consumer and professional applications.


The difference of our technologies are that they can be substantiated.

We only make and use devices that do not emit harmful EMF's


We only use clean "PureWave" technologies that produce natural frequencies that penetrate and energize our body.

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Cellular Voltage Is Important!

"aging and disease are simply low cell voltage"

The human body consists of trillions of cells harmoniously working together. Our bodies replace up to a billion cells every hour. If a small energy deficiency arises in any cell or cell group, then dysfunction occurs.

As we age, incur injuries, and develop chronic issues, our cell voltage and energy continues to lower.  It's all about keeping cell voltage high to maintain and improve better health.

PureWave charges cells to higher levels in a single session, revealing AMAZING & DEFINITE change to all functions, helping the body to create healthier and higher energy replacement cells.


As the new and continued replacement cells are now being boosted to higher energy, their quality of work production and outcome will also be greatly increased.

We realize the foundation to good health starts with the cells - cellular health is the key to well-being. We provide products that may effect the cellular health and rejuvenation of the overall body. By understanding why supercharged cells and coherent cell-to-cell communication is key to health, all people will be able to live a healthier and more active life.                

Harmful EMF's

Lower Your Cell Voltage! 

"purewave can clear emf's from your body"

It's hard to ignore the proliferation of wireless technology everywhere. Cell phones in our pocket, bluetooth on our ears, wireless routers in our homes and offices. EMF sources and applications continue to increase and as a result fears are growing about possible health risks. A number of epidemiological studies showed increased risks of cancer among populations with unusual patterns of EMF exposure.

our cells have to be at a certain voltage to be healthy, when cell voltage is low, people become tired, ill and more susceptible to health issues caused by EMF disruption to the communication in and out of cells. The negative effects of 5G will have a strong impact on your body. We can help you make your cells resistant to EMF by simply recharging them.

"reconnecting your mind, body & cellular coherence "

Professional Energy Devices

  • vibro-acoustic harmonics emitted through the full body mat and headphones open cellular communication to all cells in the body.

  • harmful electro-smog EMF (sticky static) on our cells in our entire body may be eliminated, opening and clearing paths for cells to vibrate in resonance.

  • the body is shifted into a parasympathetic state for 8-12 hours, during which the body can experience extremely efficient and expedient healing without disruptive EMF radiation.

  • the VEMI allows the body to resonate/vibrate and energize itself naturally which helps to optimize cell function and repair. 

  • the body reaches new, improved levels of health and wellness with each additional session.

  • with every VEMI session the benefits compound and intensify

Personal Energy Devices

"healthy people have healthy cells"

The Home System naturally restores cell functioning and improves weak functional cycles by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body. The currents of these natural frequencies are carried throughout every area of the body, creating a process of restoration and stimulation that permeates every cell. By strengthening and stabilizing the body’s previously weakened fields, one can receive a multitude of benefits including:


  • increased circulation (blood flow, oxygen, removal of toxins)

  • stimulated metabolism

  • improved efficiency of nutrient absorption and energy creation

  • restoration of balance between tension/relaxation in the autonomic nervous system

  • gentle expansion of convulsed blood vessels

  • initiation of rest/sleep rhythm at night

  • initiation of energetic performance phase upon waking in the morning

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