Starts with your cells

A Longer Healthier & Vital Life

The body’s breakdown begins at the cellular level. All aging and disease are the results of low cell voltage and corrupted cellular communication. Our cells are the key to optimal wellness.


The cell wall and the cell nucleus are intact and have a healthy charge. The cell is ultimately fed therefore the body stays vital and healthy.


The cell membrane shrinks and cannot absorb nutrients & oxygen to survive. The cell perishes & decomposition begins.




Cellular health is the foundation and the first step to making sure the rest of the body functions at an optimal level. We tend to view the body in parts; however, it’s the trillions of cells in the human body that make up the bones, tissues and organs and it’s critical the cells receive the support they need. Healthy diet alone, regular exercise, supplements and body work is not enough.

What causes low cell voltage and
disrupted cell to cell communication?

In the growing field of epigenetics, scientists are studying how our environment affects our genes and its ability to give proper instructions. The nucleus of our cells contain our DNA, which is the instructional manual for the cells.

What happens when our DNA
gets damaged by our toxic environment?

Any type of toxic exposure can disrupt the information getting to our cells and damage the cell’s DNA. The DNA’s instructions become incoherent  and then the cell doesn’t know how to do its job. A rogue cell can become dangerous to our body, as it starts a domino effect of sending wrong information to the rest of the body and possibly replicating itself.






Cells need Energy
to do their job

The mitochondria in our cell is like our engine room, and its job is to make ATP, which is the unit of energy that our cells use to do everything. Without ATP, the cell’s life is over.

As we age, our energy decreases because of damaged cells and their inability to create ATP. Without energy, the cells can’t do their job and we see and feel the results.

Everything can regenerate if you give it the cell voltage it needs and the proper instructions to do its job.

At PureWave we are committed to
keeping you and your cells healthy.