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Cellular Health Has Never Been Easier!

Let us help you get rid of a lot of your health troubles by using a modern adaptation of ancient magnetic therapy that goes back thousands of years to 4000BC ...and makes you feel better!





  • It’s basically the same therapy NASA uses for their astronauts.

  • It has been approved by the FDA for energy, and brain health, including stress, hopelessness, occasional anxiety . . .

  • Researched and approved by universities and health institutions including: University of Maryland, Yale and the National Institute of Health.

Well first... what is a pulsed electromagnetic field?

How Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
helps refresh your mind, body and spirit.


Without getting all science on you, electromagnetic is a combination of electricity and magnetic energy waves (field) going through the air. Magnetism (magnets) is caused by the motion of electric charges (energy waves).

“Pulsed” in this instance means sending out short bursts of energy waves.

Put it altogether, and you have Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. It promotes and then maintains healthy cells…

When you think of your health, think of your cells!

  • When you think of your energy, think of your cells instead.

  • When you think of your indigestion, think of your cells instead.

  • When you think of your brain and heart, think of your cells instead.

  • When you think of your aching joints and muscles, think of your cells instead.

  • Now, this is where Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) steps on stage.

  • PEMF gets to the root of your problem (not just popping a pill) because it is short bursts of low-level electromagnetic current that goes into your cells to energize them.

  • You see, your cells have “pumps” in them that pump up electrical charges so they can then "talk" with one another for keeping your body healthy and full of energy.

It's All About Cell Voltage...

And if you think about it, health issues and having little energy are just low cell voltage. Let that sink in.

Basically, PEMF is a “battery charger” for our cells so they can do their job much better to help promote and then maintain an overall healthy mind, body and spirit.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 6.38.47 PM.png
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

FDA Approved Medical Devices

This is not phony baloney. In fact, even the FDA has approved PEMF for a long list of both mental and physical health issues.


The first approval by the FDA was in 1979, which was treating nonunion fractures (fractures that can’t heal).

This came about after a Columbia University study, which was encouraged by NASA. The value of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been shown to cover a wide range of conditions, with clinical trials by hospitals, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, and neurologists.

In 1979: the FDA approved PEMF for treating bone fractures that don’t heal.

In 1998: For treating involuntary urinating and muscle stimulation.

In 2004: For treating neck bones that don’t fuse together.

In 2006: For treating of depression and anxiety.

In 2011: For treating brain cancer.

And the list of approvals goes on.


Did You Know?

Your body makes more than 10 million new cells every second.

By the time you are done reading this page, and you are ready to buy one of our products, your body will make over a billion new cells!

We will show you our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy products in just a moment, but is your cell kinda, sorta like a factory?


Lets Look Inside of The Cell

Look inside a cell, and see how each part of it has its own job to do, and it is kinda, sorta like a factory!

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 9.36.11 PM.png

Did You Know?

PEMF also fully supports healthy circulation and oxygen supply.

This helps the body maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Photo to the right is increase of circulation

BEFORE & AFTER an 8 minute session.

Lightweight...Take your system anywhere you go!

Includes: Full Size Body Mat, Small Target Pad, Controller & Travel Bag

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Full Body PEMF Mat


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has helped over one million people just like you…now it is your turn to feel it!


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