Therapy Accessories

Design Stand

for Home System $TBA


The new QRS 101 pedestal is designed to simplify the use of the QRS 101 home system. The design impresses with simple and functional elegance. Made of aluminum, the design stand provides a secure stand for practical, comfortable operation. 

PEMF Pen Applicator $400

The QRS wand applicator is used for local and punctual treatment, such as the joints, the fingers, the teeth and other small areas.

PEMF Eye Glasses $600

The QRS Eyewear Applicator is used to treat or beautify the eye environment and reduction of dark circles and wrinkles may be achieved. This effect is likely due to the circulation-promoting effect on the ocular environment. 

PEMF Headphones $600

The QRS Headphones are used for targeted improvement of the arterial circulation of the ear environment.

All  products have a 2 year manufacturer warranty, and a no return policy.