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Charge your cells everyday




What is the

Home Cellular Therapy System?

Cell Rejuvenation

Take your home system anywhere you go

As we age, our cellular energy declines leading to fatigue, aging and disease. The KEY to anti-aging and wellness is making sure the cells maintain a high cell voltage, correct cell-to-cell communication and protection from EMF radiation. 

Achieve easy results with a push of a button.

Ready to Purchase?

Full Body

Home Cellular Therapy System


*Applicators Extra

  • Recharge cells

  • Clear EMF radiation

  • Restore cell-to-communication

  • Regulate body systems

  • 3-year warranty


Supercharge your cells

Energize your body

The human body consists of trillians of cells harmoniously working together. If a small energy deficiency arises in any cell or group of cells, then imbalances occur within the body; this is aging and disease. By creating a resonance similar to those of the body's own cells, the Home System restores cell functioning & penetrates the body, reinforcing and improving weak functional cycles in a natural way by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that are equivalent to the natural frequencies of the body.

This patented technology, recreates natural frequencies that increase circulation, blood flow, oxygen, removal of toxins and stimulates the metabolism.

The system compliments any therapy and can be used as a stand alone treatment. Achieve up to 100 percent relief in less time and experience lasting change. Invest in your overall health with a home system.

Cellular health has never been easier!



Bart Oates,

Retired NFL Player,

3-time Super Bowl Champion

I played 11 years in the NFL - 5 pro-bowl teams and three  super bowl teams. During the course of my football career, I have had 25 surgeries. As a result I have been on pain medication and anti-inflammatories on a consistent basis.  Within a week using this device on a nightly basis, I was able to eliminate all the medications.

Ken Crenshaw 

Director of Sports Medicine & Performance Arizona Diamondbacks

For convenience, we use it on the training tables as we are providing various manual therapy treatments for our athletes. This allows us to maximize our efforts and efficiency in a shorter amount of treatment time.

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