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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Ensure that the effects of the infection are as minor as possible.

The Coronavirus is part of the RNA-virus family and typically involves an attack on our airways/lungs, in particular our alveoli (the end points of our lungs). COVID-19 infections work similarly to severe colds, which often result in flu-like symptoms. Similar to the severe colds, it is often the elderly demographic of our population who suffers from the most serious consequences, sometimes even resulting in death 1. Due to the high transmission risk, it is very difficult to avoid getting infected by the COVID-19 virus altogether.

You are responsible for your own personal health.

At the moment of writing this statement, big pharmaceutical companies and medical start-up companies are vigorously trying to develop a vaccine or other therapeutic solution to reduce the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 virus and to reduce the serious negative health risks of the infection. However, until this vaccine is developed, we have no other option but to take our own personal measures to protect ourselves and our families. The key focus is to ensure that the effects of the virus infection are as limited as possible. We hope this information helps you remain healthy.

Please note that the dangerous part of the Corona virus infection is an overactive reaction of the immune system which results in inflammation. This overactive inflammatory response can result in a dangerous health situation when it affects the lungs (resulting in pneumonia), especially at the end points of the lungs (the so-called alveoli). The effect is that your red blood cells have difficulty binding with oxygen in the lungs. In this way, the overactive inflammatory response results in acute malfunction of the lungs, which is also called ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Important in the inflammation reaction of the immune system are the so called cytokines, which are produced by all the cells in our body. Cytokines are regulatory proteins, which have an important role in cell signaling between the cells.

There are both pro-inflammatory cytokines (which increase inflammation) and anti-inflammatory cytokines (which decrease inflammation).

The response of the immune system can result in a “storm.”

The key role of a healthy immune system is to identify threats and to activate itself in the event that the body is attacked by an infection with a virus. The typical response of the immune system is inflammation. However, a healthy immune system should also avoid that it overreacts to the threat and thus avoid excess inflammation.

Cytokines, activation of immune cells, and improved cell signaling are important in dealing with an acute threat. However, when the immune system overreacts resulting in excess inflammation this can also result in an excess creation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which can lead to a so-called “Cytokine-Storm”2,3.

Increased creation of free radicals

Please note that a virus infection in our cells also results in an increased creation of free radicals (so-called ROS, necessary to fight the virus), which, in turn, increases levels of oxidative stress . Free radicals are highly reactive, aggressive, chemical oxygen molecules which are created by all cells. RNA-based viruses such as the COVID-19/Coronavirus can result in cell death when the infected cells create an excess amount of free radicals and oxidative stress 10.

What is particularly important now is that there is a medical technology which is

currently well known in stimulating microcirculation and treating pain syndromes

successfully. These methods are called Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) with

the main impact potential to down-regulate any inflammation. The PEMI is a

medical device which you can use at home that makes use of Pulsed

Electromagnetic fields (PEMF) under patented natural frequencies which mimic the

natural frequencies of your body and of life.

Importantly PEMI, when used as a complementary therapy, can have a positive effect on reducing the serious health effects of the COVID-19 virus by reducing the inflammation (which is of crucial importance) and by strongly improving the blood circulation (including increasing the uptake of oxygen by the red blood cells at the alveoli/lungs).

A key effect of PEMI is that one PEMI therapy session results in a strong improvement of blood circulation (especially the circulation in the capillaries, which is called micro circulation) and increasing the uptake of oxygen by red blood cells in the alveoli/lungs, which we know is a major concern with COVID-19.


One mechanism in which PEMI reduces inflammation is by regulating inflammatory markers: for example, down-regulating the tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) as well as UL-Beta (Interleukin-beta), which are pro-inflammatory cytokines (4,5,6,7,8). PEMI therapy also results in an increased generation of the Cytokine IL-10, which is an anti-inflammatory cytokine that has a mitigating effect on inflammation (9).

PEMI works in a variety of ways and has many positive effects on the body, especially on the cellular level. For example, in addition to the fact that PEMI therapy always results in reduction of inflammation, PEMI also has strong positive effects on optimizing the autonomous nervous system.

The PEMI is an evidence-based magnetic application that has been scientifically proven to improve energy and function on cellular level, thereby reducing cell damage by stimulating the body's own antioxidant system to reduce oxidative stress 11,12.

Additionally PEMI, when used as a complementary therapy, can result in a significant reduction of chronic pain. This may be particularly helpful with the severe headaches that can arise as a result of contracting the virus.

Please note that we clearly stress that PEMI is not able to “cure” COVID-19 infection. Also, we are clearly stating that using PEMI does not mean that you can prevent yourself from getting the virus.

However, PEMI therapy normally does have a positive effect on strengthening the immune system. PEMI therapy results in improved energy production and functioning of the cells in your body, which means your cells will be better equipped to fight against the virus and its negative effects.

Also, please note that by using PEMI, the cells’ uptake of essential nutrients such as magnesium and potassium strongly improves. By improving the energy production and thereby the functioning of the cells, the cells now have a better chance to fight against a virus infection or against any other health risk.

Lastly, PEMI therapy normally results in a strong improvement in sleeping and relaxation, which helps to keep the body functioning optimally.

PEMI vs Traditional PEMF Systems

It is, of course, difficult to recommend any old PEMF-system as a prophylactic measure if a person tests positive for COVID-19. That’s because it is deemed necessary to apply PEMF frequencies that mimic the natural, endogenously produced microcurrents in our body. However, most PEMFs use their frequency curves (impulse curves) almost haphazardly (sinus/rectangle, triangle), and these waveforms do not exist in our body. It is for this reason that the inventors of the technique created a totally natural impulse curve that always runs in a form of an exponential function and is called “natural e-function”. This should mean increased benefits.

Advice from PureWave

The key focus for all of us must be to prevent becoming infected by the COVID-19 virus. In addition to lifestyle changes, such as regularly washing hands and avoiding physical contact, the most important thing we need is a healthy functioning of the immune system. For all those who do not have a strong immune system, we strongly advise that you take measures to strengthen your immune system. This normally includes measures to improve your diet to thereby ensure increased intake of essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and D. In addition, we stress that PEMI therapy via the PEMI Home System can have a positive effect on strengthening the immune system.

Toni Goren, CEO/Founder


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