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What is

the Vemi?


Get results in less time

Mitochondria Cell Health at its Best


Save time with your clients and achieve better results. This multi-targeting clinic device combines essential all-in-one therapies. These include, vibro-acoustic, electro-magnetic, infra-red therapies (VEMI) as well as grounding and EMF Radiation clearing.

This all-in-one therapy uses Vibro-acoustic Electromagnetic Infrared technology, and programmed frequencies for full body and spot treatments. The EMF free chair grounds the body and eliminates electro-smog radiation. It helps to relax the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and support detoxification of the body and more. Relax to healing sounds and receive targeted care with our ear and eye goggles.

Energizing the body
at a Cellular Level

As we age our cellular energy declines leading to more injuries, aging and disease. The KEY to anti-aging and wellness is making sure the cells maintain a high cell voltage and receive correct cell-to-cell communication.

The Vemi can target more than 1,100 protocols to energize and help regulate the whole body.

Efficient & Simple to Use

The Vemi, a clinical device, is the first of its kind to combine state of the art technology that recharges the cells, eliminates EMF, and targets specific areas on the body bringing the whole body back into regulation in an easy 25 minute session.

The Vemi can target a range of areas, including organs, tissues, skeletal, muscular, psychological and emotional conditions, and so much more.

The Benefits

  • Run unlimited multiple sessions at the same time
  • Regulates entire body in under 25 minutes
  • Recharges cells
  • Reduces EMF Radiation
  • Vibro-acoustic vibrations relaxes and soothes
  • Infrared light helps to relieve chronic pain

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